Build and Document Your Interface.

Then Share the Code.

Get Started
Build Your Interface

Design & Build Your Interface

PatternPack makes it easy to build a living design system. It is not a replacement for Bootstrap - it’s a set of tools for you to "build your own Bootstrap."

Document how to Use It

Document The Pattern Library

A living design system is a well documented one. PatternPack is a static site generator that lets you document your interface using Markdown and a single grunt task.

Share the Code

Share The Code

PatternPack keeps your design system alive by staying in sync with your project. Share your code via npm or bower and easily version with semantic versioning.

Get Started

npm install patternpack --save-dev

Set up your task in your gruntfile.js:

patternpack: {
  run: {},
  build: {},
  release: {}

Start up your pattern library.

$ grunt patternpack:run